Hydrogen Studios

Portfolio of Chase Wickerham



Resume Site

My web-version resume, showcasing the experience and skills I've gained over the last several years working in web development. Potential employers can see my work and education history in a well-formatted page or download a PDF version.

Petridis Studio

Online Store
Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, eCommerce

A simple Wordpress e-commerce site I set up for a local artist to begin selling her works online.

E & L Security Services

Site & Online Store
Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, eCommerce

A site I set up for a local business specializing in security and surveillance equipment and installations, so they could begin selling equipment and taking orders online.


Responsive Site
HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design

The world's first and largest internet dating site that revolves entirely around crabs. Find your true love today!


Blog Site
Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3

Puppetbucket is a weird blog site I was working on with some peers in college. It's hard to explain.

Web Projects

ProfitQuest Alpha

Browser-based Game
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Canvas

A progress-based "idle" game for the browser based on similar concepts like Cookie Clicker and A Dark Room (made to be played over a very long period of time.) Utilizes localstorage and json to create persisting sessions. Still working on this periodically.

LeapMotion Operated Audio Sequencer / Theremin

Web App
(Warning, Sudden Audio)
HTML5, CSS3, Php, APIs, Motion Detection

A javascript web app that uses the LeapMotion gesture-tracking device to allow users to manipulate audio waveforms and frequencies using only their hands, much like a theremin. Requires a LeapMotion to use.

IMDb Mini-Webapp

HTML5, CSS3, App

A small experiment in utilizing a free web API to create a dynamic movie-searching app. Made it with plans to expand functionality, but haven't implemented anything else yet.

Daily Quote Generator

Javascript, HTML, CSS, APIs

Simple app using free APIs to pull a random quote, and to share it via Twitter.


Another Javascript Framework
Javascript, HTML, CSS, Graphic Design, ???

Stabby.JS is a revolutionary new framework, separating itself from the billions of other useless JS frameworks by being the only one to offer "Surprise User eXperience," or SUX.

Misc College Assignments

Small exercises in coding
Javascript, HTML, CSS, php

An assortment of random small projects from my college courses, mostly using Javascript and Php.

Other Projects

New Hiree Manual

Graphic Design and Writing Work
Photoshop, Illustrator, Creative Writing

I was contracted to spice up the new hiree manual for a Bay Area tech company, trying to make their employees feel more relaxed and optimistic about their workplace.

"Vote For Rocky" Campaign

Design for Slippery Rock University
Graphic Design, Video Editing

Some of the resources I helped make for SRU's participation in the Mascot Madness event, a fun voting contest between PASSHE school mascots. Rocky and all SRU logos are all trademarked Slippery Rock University.